The road ahead in your Volvo S90 Momentum

We here at Capital Volvo Cars of Albany understand the importance of finding a car that meets your demands of style, comfort, and safety in your next new purchase. Take the Volvo S90 Momentum for example. This popular luxury sedan has many standard features built right in for a peaceful drive.

The laminated glass windows of the Volvo S90 Momentum offer a level of soundproofing to help make drives quieter. This can be helpful when waiting in traffic or construction. In addition, the windows are built with safety in mind as well.

Other standard features like the Adaptive Cruise Control work to make the drive safer. It will automatically monitor the traffic ahead and adjust the speed accordingly. Once the traffic has cleared, the Volvo S90 Momentum will automatically resume the set speed. Also, it will also give you audio warnings when you get too close to a vehicle.



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