Designed for Drivers

A true driver's car, the focus is evident before you start the engine, with a dashboard and center console that are angled toward the driver. Even after two or three hours of driving, you'll step out of the car feeling as relaxed and rested as when you began your journey. Design and driving experience are in total harmony. 
 Both inside and out of the all-new S90, you can feel the meticulous care and consideration. From the rare Nordic wood to the subtle contour line on the hood, every detail is a premium expression of true Scandinavian craftsmanship.  

Innovation with people in mind
World-class safety is the logical outcome of the creativity and inventiveness of Volvo Cars' engineers.

The all-new S90 detects pedestrians, cyclists and - a world first - large animals on the road. Your car warns you and, if necessary, brakes if you don't intervene, even in the dark. It can also work out whether there's a collision risk if you're approaching slower moving or stationary vehicles.
World-first safety
Volvo cars' world-first, run-off-road mitigation with steer assist technology operates at higher speeds, working out if you stray over land markings to the road edge. It will assist steering, putting you back on a safer path. 

Supportive safety
There are times when having a helping hand with driving makes life more relaxed and safer. Pilot Assist automatically maintains a set speed or distance to the car in front, as well as giving gentle steering inputs to keep you properly aligned within your lane markings.

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